Fresh and Creative JQuery Plugins of June 2011

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JQuery becoming heart of the most of the web design out there over internet, in very short period of time JQuery has given many beautiful and stunning graphical examples for web designers. Web designers are using this tiny Java Scripted file to produce such beautiful and creative work which is always be an inspiration for novice designers.


These plugins are free and easy to implement into your website code. You don’t need to be professional or good at coding to implement these, just follow the instructions given at their site. One thing which makes JQuery most usable is, it is language independent – JQuery is compatible with all possible web development languages. These JQuery Plugins are new and have lot of creativity to inspire any professional whether novice or experienced.


Blogger’s Path always try to list unique and creative work in its articles, In past time, here you got Fresh JQuery Plugins for April 2011 and Rocking JQuery Plugins of Mid 2011. Now experience the beauty and creativity of these jquery plugins.


1. Roundy JQuery Gallery

Demo | Download


2. Pimp the Logo

Demo | Download


3. Cloud Zoom

Demo & Download


4. Flip

Demo & Download

5. Circulate

Demo & Download

6. CC Image Gallery

Demo | Download


7. Cover Flow II

Demo | Download


8. Image Wall

Demo | Download


9. JQuery Music Player

Demo | Download


10. TagEdit

Demo | Download


11. Shopping Cart

Demo | Download


12. Simple Overlay

Demo | Download


13. JQuery Waypoints

Demo | Download


14. Grid Navigation

Demo | Download


15. Plax

Demo | Download


16. JQuery GPS

Demo | Download


17. Tooltip

Demo | Download


18. Mobily Map

Demo | Download


19. Google JQuery Map

Demo | Download


20. PulpLoad

Demo | Download

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  1. By WEBALKALMAZÁS - July 5, 2011

    Very nice collection! Thanks for sharing!

  2. By Sean - July 5, 2011

    Yes, definitely nice collection. Good job :)

  3. By Jenni - July 19, 2011

    Oh, I cant believe that you include “Cloud Zoom” into this list, this plugin is so old and I know it a year before.

  4. By Dorothy - July 22, 2011

    Good points all arnoud. Truly appreciated.

  5. By Zin - July 22, 2011

    Hmm. This blog is very informative but found very inconsistence too. You should be regular to post your taste for the visitors like me. Your jquery taste is very good.

  6. By mauritius web design - September 15, 2011

    Great Stuff thanks for sharing

  7. By Web Development Company Rajkot - December 3, 2011

    Nice Work Done

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