Developments in Website & Smartphone App Design

Website design has come a long way since the first one went live in 1990.  The title of ‘the World’s first web-developer’ is credited to Tim Berners-Lee, who  created a website which contained information and instructions on how to use the world wide web.  It can still be viewed today here –

Swiftly moving on from websites to smartphone apps – whether you want to get fit, or keep in touch with family overseas, there’s an app that will help you do it.  The first smart phone; was nothing like the iPhone and Android phones available today – it was created by IBM and made available to the public in 1993. The IBM phone featured a calculator, a world clock, a calendar and a contact book – wowzers!  The next big developmental-leap in smartphones came in 2002 when the Blackberry Smartphone was released and integrated email-on-the-go, technically called wireless email.

Popular websites have been at the cutting edge of design and web developmental, improving visitor’s experience and of course, making room for adverts! As CSS, HTML5 and advances in backend development have continued to keep web designers on their toes, websites have evolved and changed in a parallel fashion.  It’s interesting to see however, that many websites have kept the theme and basic colours and design very similar.  Take a look for yourself on the website or by using the slider below…