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Ever since the iPhone’s debut back in 2007, Apple has been hooked on to the mobile device and its platform, iOS, to a level where most analysts and loyalists couldn’t help but think the Cupertino based company had diverted attention … Read the rest

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Things are changing rapidly, just over a decade ago, Geek was used as an insult – it sometimes still is, but usually by someone of no importance and a huge chip on his shoulder. But the word is now associated … Read the rest

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Geeks love gadgets very much, everyone knows it. It’s hard to separate both of them from each other. There are lots of technology related gadgets which attract these geeks most. Very much reason behind this may be like these interesting … Read the rest

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Steven Sinofsky, The President of Microsoft’s Windows division, gave a peek at what Windows 8 will look like. This sneak peek gives some ideas that how the future version of the most popular desktop OS will be. It will … Read the rest