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Google’s best kept social secret is finally out now. Google+ is out of the blocks, threatening to gate crash Facebook’s social Party. At the time of writing this, almost 20 million users around the world are spending time on … Read the rest

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Open Web Technologies have a promising future enabling web developers to create experiences on the web that are more application like, and provide a richer more immersive experience. No matter the form factor or device creating the next, great experience … Read the rest

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Internet is no longer confined to share information of files to each other; it now has more wide meaning to people who are addict to use it. There are millions of websites fulfilling various requirements of visitors. As the popularity … Read the rest

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Nobody can imagine that two different minded people, who argue on almost everything, can build a successful brand. It’s not so long ago, on May 22nd 1995 Larry Page met Sergey Brin at the age of 22 during his graduation. … Read the rest