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Font defines size and style of the text, traditionally font is called a collection of character set of same size and style. In computer context, font is a tiny file which defines the style of character set. What we … Read the rest

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Resume writing is an art which reflects your whole life onto a piece of paper. Resume is a simple document which contains your information related to your personal life, your academic and career achievements. Resume is written to highlight your … Read the rest

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Social Media is now the essential part of the human life. Internet and latest technology brought social media to the masses easily. Today, every single person whether related to IT-computer field or not is using Social media. Social mediaRead the rest

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Text effect can produce such beautiful web designs if these are chosen wisely and according to your design prospect. Photoshop is the best tool to create amazing and cool text effects for your design patterns. Photoshop is well known … Read the rest