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It’s pretty sure, most of the people out there are still not using HTML5, isn’t it? Yes! You might have some valid reasons like you like to type in strict mode, it’s not fully supported by IE or it’s not … Read the rest

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Retro might be termed as the outdated fashion, trend or culture from the valve of past. In general language we can define retro as vintage look which is used in iconography, imaginary interjection, mass media & advertising most. Retro is … Read the rest

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Vector Graphic is a type of art which is made from the mathematical equations and shapes such as lines, curves, parabola etc. As we all know, Computer displays graphics in the form of pixels – more the pixels in small … Read the rest

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When things keep rolling around design, one should not overlook the Footer part of a website. Nowadays designers much more concentrate on a well suited and professional footer for a website because footer contains vital information about site such as … Read the rest

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Fonts are essential part of design, Design doesn’t complete without the appropriate font style, proper font not only enhances the beauty of the text but it also gives the suited professional touch. Designers amass hundred of fonts according to their … Read the rest

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HTML5 is the latest hot favorite web markup language for the web developers. HTML5 is the core developing markup language to present the content of the Internet in its simplest form. It is the fifth edition of traditional HTML Read the rest