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This is now old story that Jquery is doing well in web development or Jquery is making your websites more beautiful blaah blaah. We all know these things, Jquery is surly the technology in which everyone wants to be a master, especially web developers. Jquery provides flexible and innovative implementing environment for the designers. There are thousands of Jquery plugins out in the web world with various working ability, you just need to choose one or more according to your need. Today, we are listing some of the freshest Jquery plugins which can be useful for decorating your website with great animations or text effects. You can implement these plug-ins without hassle and without worrying about extra load on your server, because Jquery is known for its lightweight interface and heavy working ability. If you are searching for a solution for representing your photographs beautifully then you may consider these Jquery Photo plugins, previously published on Blogger’s Path.


1. Jquery Typing

Watch Demo | Download Here



2. Digi Clock

Watch Demo | Download Here



3. Rainbow

Watch Demo | Download Here



4. Automatic Image Montage

Watch Demo | Download Here



5. Diapo Slider

Watch Demo & Download



6. Colorful Slider

Watch Demo | Download Here



7. Thermometer Controller

Watch Demo | Download Here



8. Google Search

Watch Demo | Download Here



9. Mobi Scroll

Watch Demo | Download Here



10. Shuffle Letters

Watch Demo | Download Here



11. Image Zoom

Watch Demo | Download Here



12. Expanding Full Screen Grid

Watch Demo | Download Here



13. Elastic Thumbnails

Watch Demo | Download Here



14. Portfolio Navigation

Watch Demo | Download Here



15. Panning Slideshow

Watch Demo | Download Here


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  1. By Gernot - September 6, 2011

    boring, there are much better plugins for each mentioned use case

  2. By Outsourcing Nepal - September 7, 2011

    There are other jquery plugins too that are more usefull too… I never miss to use jquery read less plugin in my websites

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